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Don't Ignore Marketing Metrics!

We hope we’ve proven the case why it’s important to take time to understand, research and track your business’ or organization’s key marketing metrics. In the long run, taking the time to do so will help you reach your goals by saving you time, energy, and money and will help you determine next steps when it comes to your marketing program. For a refresh of what key marketing metrics are worth tracking, check out: Defining Key Marketing Metrics.

Metrics are a direct tie to strategy and being strategic is essential for a successful business. If you have no idea if you’re reaching your audience or if tactics you’re using and efforts your making are working… you’re wasting valuable time, and likely money too. Missed opportunity only allows your competitors to reach your audience and outpace you. So, do not lose business momentum by ignoring information that is at your fingertips, allowing you to make informed decisions based on facts and not just assumptions.

Lastly, remember to be organized in your approach. Create a schedule each month when you will take time to pull and review your metrics and adjust your approach accordingly. Consider what is working and what is not and if your efforts are tied to your overall goals. Can you prove a return on investment (ROI)? Analyzing your metrics and answering these and other similar questions   on a routine schedule will make it feel like less of a burden to complete and will keep your marketing efforts on track. Ignoring the data could be extremely detrimental to your business and lead to missed opportunity and even revenue.

To learn more and see an example of how marketing metrics were put to the test, check out: Marketing Metrics Case Study: David Street Station and contact us for assistance in your marketing and communications needs!