What This Marketing Agency Can Do For You

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As you’ll soon discover, there are many things to take into account when choosing a marketing agency to represent your brand and help you to reach your marketing goals. Not only will the services the.

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Effective Public Relations: Speak to the core

Branding, public relations

Back when the words brand and branding were still a relatively new term in the workplace the phrase "speak to the core and let the outside listen" was a phrase heard often. For the longest time, this.

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New Year, New Brand

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With anticipation and great excitement, we are happy to share that as of today, Hinge Studio Marketing & Communications will become LŪM Studio. Over the previous five years, Hinge Studio has evolved.

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How Owned Media Fits in Your Marketing Strategy

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If you have anything to do with marketing planning and implementation you’ve likely heard of the owned, earned, social and paid media pillars. While all are important, owned media should be the.

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Launching a Brand? Brand Messaging Is More than a Message

Communications, marketing, Branding

Messaging is a critical part of any brand. Among many other benefits of branding, brand messaging helps set the tone for your brand and ensures that all stakeholders and marketing efforts are.

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Let Your Human Show with Your Brand Personality

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Connecting with your target audience is more than your tagline or messaging. It is your image, tone, and story that makes you relatable. Your audience expects a specific set of values and specific.

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10 Benefits of Branding

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Many times, businesses overlook the value of branding because they view themselves as just a business and not a brand. Brands should not be viewed as something only concerning Fortune 500 companies..

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What is Branding? Let's Get Something Straight...It's More Than a Logo

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Ask any group of people what branding is, and you will likely get a different answer from each person. You’ll hear all things from a logo to your look-and-feel to letterhead. Often, the words used to.

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