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How Branding Builds Trust in Healthcare

Branding, Healthcare

Gone are the days where reputation and word-of-mouth are enough to build trust with potential patients. Sure, these things are extremely important as perspective patients rely heavily on referrals.

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Is Your Website Costing You Customers?


Imagine each visitor to your website is a customer walking through your doors. Now imagine if your building or office was dark, dingy, outdated, hard to navigate, and just overall unwelcoming and.

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Setting Marketing Goals for 2024

Goals, Strategy

It’s OK if it’s a new year, same you – but for your business 2024 should be new year, new marketing goals! If you’re anything like us, the last quarter of 2023 was spent reflecting, planning, and.

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Bold Marketing on a Budget – The LUM Academy is now Live!

News, Content, LUM Academy, New Product

We’ve been working hard to launch our LUM Academy to offer marketing products and trainings so you can light up your marketing on your budget. Gain the confidence to market your business from your.

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Team Showcase: Jenni Milner

Team, marketing agency

Jenni Milner, Operations Manager, Behind-The-Scenes Rockstar When it comes to our team operations, we would be lost without Jenni Milner. As Operations Manager, when we need something done – Jenni is.

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Mapping Out Your Marketing Metrics

Goals, Google Analytics, Strategy, marketing plan, metrics, marketing metrics

In today’s world, you absolutely cannot forgo tracking marketing metrics; it would be like starting a road trip with no destination or map to guide you. Marketing metrics act as your map for your.

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5 Reasons to Light Up Your Marketing

marketing, Results, marketing firm

The purpose of marketing typically stays consistent throughout your business’s lifecycle. Reaching your customers, good communication and building relationships are goals that never change, and while.

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