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How Public Relations Impacts Your Business

Your business has many details that need tended to every day in order to make it successful. From operations to employees to the actual work you are doing, there are loads of things to think about on a regular basis. If you aren’t thinking about it already, it’s time to add public relations (PR) to your list. PR is an important area of running a business that should not be overlooked.


Why is public relations so important?


You may already have an understanding of public relations, but in order to make this an effective part of your marketing plan, it is important to know why public relations are so important. Consider this quote that illustrates the importance of PR.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it. – Warren Buffet

Thinking about your public image is important because  one misstep has the potential ruin your entire reputation. You could be successfully running your business from an internal perspective but if you are not thinking about your actions, approach, and how people will think about and perceive your business, then all of your hard work could go down the drain.

 However, there’s not need to worry if you’re practicing good PR, which can be easier than you think. It’s important to  take the initiative in every-day interactions with your various audiences. If you’re building or maintaining honest relationships, PR can typically build trust and credibility within your brand (often for free). That’s not to say PR doesn’t include paid advertising, but a healthy portion of successful PR is about word-of-mouth and positive, every-day interactions with your audiences. As you know, word of mouth spreads pretty quickly, so the way you handle your team, clients, and your business will all translate when people talk about your business.

With that said, think of public relations as another way to reach your audience. How will you build awareness? How will you be perceived? How can you create a positive image of your business? All of these things can be a part of your marketing plan and support your business endeavors.

Having a solid public relations plan doesn’t just help you maintain a positive reputation, but can  also help when negative interactions, comments, or situations arise. When you are proactive, you can handle each situation easily and be confident that what you have been practicing leading up to the crisis situation, will more smoothly lead to a  positive resolution.

Keep this in mind, wherever you go about your business, public relations will follow. Over the next few weeks we’ll pack your PR arsenal with tips, tricks, and tools to help you develop an effective and easy-to-implement public relations plan. For now we’ll leave you with one last quote sums up the importance of public relations:


            If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations. – Bill Gates