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What This Marketing Agency Can Do For You

As you’ll soon discover, there are many things to take into account when choosing a marketing agency to represent your brand and help you to reach your marketing goals. Not only will the services the agency provides matter, but how that agency ultimately helps you to achieve your marketing goals will count too. Too often we have heard that some marketing agencies do what they think is best for their client without creating a plan to work with their client. Rather, these agencies tend to work separately from their clients which often leads to the client feeling unheard and that their goals are not the main objective.

At LŪM Studio, we believe in bolder and brighter brands. We believe that a marketing agency should work as an extension of your team. We believe that you should be involved in the processes that dictate how your business is perceived. When you work with an agency like ours, you’ll not only learn why we make our recommendations, but you’ll have an opportunity to help create a process for success through a deep-dive strategy.

 Our carefully curated services will ensure that LŪM can help you reach your goals with an entire team of experts at your fingertips. Check out some of the services we provide and see what we can do for you: 

  • Branding & Design - Beyond strategy, this is the first step, and arguably the most important, in your marketing and communications program. If it is done wrong or incomplete, all other layers in your program can be jeopardized.
  • Communications - Whether internal or external communications, it’s absolutely vital you have clear, concise, meaningful messaging that speaks to the essence of your brand and the value it offers your audience(s).
  • Content Creation & Management - More than any other tool, owned media allows you to build relationships, turning prospects into customers, then repeat customers, and finally brand advocates.
  • Marketing Metrics - If there is no measurement, proof of success or indicator to adapt, the effort is essentially pointless. By integrating these pieces, we can relate communications and marketing efforts back to business goals, and most importantly the bottom line and return on investment (ROI).
  • Paid Media - LŪM Studio is skilled at developing ad content and design as well as integrating paid media strategy with other components of your program so your message runs long and your return on investment is high.
  • Photography & Videography - Integrating videos and photos into your overall strategy to share powerful visual and verbal messages to create awareness and connect with your intended audience is an integral part of marketing your brand.
  • Public and Media Relations - While we almost always advise you have a client representative serve as the spokesperson, we will identify and secure opportunities; coordinate, assist and oversee interviews, FAM tours, and press conferences; and monitor and track coverage and results.
  • Social Media - Social media is about interaction and engagement with your audience. Information moves at the speed of light on social media and a program including strategy, ongoing engagement, oversight, and measurement can protect and elevate your brand.
  • Strategy – Marketing planning is required, and strategy is where it all starts. Where goals and purpose are identified; missing pieces are noted, addressed and uncovered; an execution plan is developed and laid out; and key point indicators are established to measure ongoing effectiveness.
  • Website & SEO – Your website should be the core of all you do. Here, you have total control over the story, narrative, and brand execution. Combined with Search Engine Optimization, your website can be a powerhouse when it comes to your industry. Whether you need a site custom designed or a new team to step in and get things on the right track with an existing site, LŪM Studio will work with you to ensure your site is a strong reflection of your business and core of your marketing program.
  • Coaching & Training - Members of your organization need to be aware of your marketing strategy and equipped with the proper training to respond when necessary. LŪM Studio offers a variety of coaching in subjects like branding workshops, business development, presentation and public speaking, media relations, SEO, and social media to make sure your team is operating a peak performance.

To learn more or to light up your marketing, visit or contact us today.