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How to Start a Tourism Review & Referral Program


Reviews and referrals are a huge part of potential customers finding your business. Use these reviews to your advantage with marketing your tourism business. Use our tips for starting a review and.

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Roping in Your Target Audience. Who's in Your Herd?

Audience, Communications, sales, clients, targeting

When you think of target audiences in the agriculture industry, it’s difficult to land on just one. Because this industry is so vast, you can have both business to consumer (B2C) and business to.

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Does a Marketing Agency's Location Really Matter?

Communications, marketing, Planning, marketing agency, marketing firm, location

Once you’ve decided if hiring a marketing agency is the right move for you, you may wonder if the location of a marketing agency really matters? Should you hire local? Or should you expand your.

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Three Ways You Can Measure Public Relations Success

Google Analytics, Measure, metrics, marketing metrics, public relations

Measuring your public relations success? Is that even possible? Of course, it is! We are here to share with you three quick and simple ways you can start tracking success related to your public.

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Ways to improve your Reputation Management Online

Communications, marketing, reputation, reviews, Social Media, Strategy, public relations, online reputation management

Managing your online reputation is a critical component of public relations and should be included in your overall strategy. Ignoring it could cost your business clients and revenue.

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Don't Ignore Marketing Metrics!

Measure, Measurement, metrics, Results, marketing metrics

We hope we’ve proven the case why it’s important to take time to understand, research and track your business’ or organization’s key marketing metrics. In the long run, taking the time to do so will.

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Defining Key Marketing Metrics

marketing, Measure, Measurement, Tools and Tactics, Results, marketing metrics

Understanding and tracking key marketing metrics helps businesses and organizations analyze and improve their tactics to support them in reaching their goals. To track them, you must first understand.

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Seven Things You Can Do Now to Help Your Business Adapt and Thrive Amidst the COVID19 Challenges

Communications, marketing, Strategy, Messaging, Brainstorm, COVID-19

The things we are experiencing right now, in these very moments, are going to forever shape or personal and professional lives. As small business owners, we’ve been forced to adapt, or risk failure,.

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How to Engage Influencers

Facebook, Instagram, marketing, Planning, Social Media, Twitter, YouTube, Influencer Marketing, Influencer

In their most simple form, influencers are those who influence. This can be done through various platforms including social media, TV, radio, print media, speaking engagements and more. Influencers.

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New Year, New Brand

News, Communications, Content, marketing, Branding

With anticipation and great excitement, we are happy to share that as of today, Hinge Studio Marketing & Communications will become LŪM Studio. Over the previous five years, Hinge Studio has evolved.

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