Roping in Your Target Audience. Who's in Your Herd?

Audience, Communications, sales, clients, targeting

When you think of target audiences in the agriculture industry, it’s difficult to land on just one. Because this industry is so vast, you can have both business to consumer (B2C) and business to.

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Does a Marketing Agency's Location Really Matter?

Communications, marketing, Planning, marketing agency, marketing firm, location

Once you’ve decided if hiring a marketing agency is the right move for you, you may wonder if the location of a marketing agency really matters? Should you hire local? Or should you expand your.

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What This Marketing Agency Can Do For You

Communications, marketing, Owned Media, SEO, Social Media, Strategy, Website Maintenance, design, marketing plan, Branding, Paid Advertising, marketing metrics, public relations, media relations, Photography, Videography

As you’ll soon discover, there are many things to take into account when choosing a marketing agency to represent your brand and help you to reach your marketing goals. Not only will the services the.

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Ways to improve your Reputation Management Online

Communications, marketing, reputation, reviews, Social Media, Strategy, public relations, online reputation management

Managing your online reputation is a critical component of public relations and should be included in your overall strategy. Ignoring it could cost your business clients and revenue.

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Media Relations Best Practices to Improve Your Public Relations

Communications, public relations, media relations

Media relations is a part of public relations that includes working with the media for the purpose of sharing strategic information with the public. Among many other benefits, media relations can.

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Seven Things You Can Do Now to Help Your Business Adapt and Thrive Amidst the COVID19 Challenges

Communications, marketing, Strategy, Messaging, Brainstorm, COVID-19

The things we are experiencing right now, in these very moments, are going to forever shape or personal and professional lives. As small business owners, we’ve been forced to adapt, or risk failure,.

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Use These Marketing Metrics in Each Stage of Your Funnel

Communications, Marketing Funnel, Measure, metrics, marketing metrics

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New Year, New Brand

News, Communications, Content, marketing, Branding

With anticipation and great excitement, we are happy to share that as of today, Hinge Studio Marketing & Communications will become LŪM Studio. Over the previous five years, Hinge Studio has evolved.

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Social Media: Canned Responses

Behavior, Communications, Content, Facebook, How To, Social Media

Social media management can be all-consuming. Finding ways to make your process effective and efficient can feel like a full-time job. Not only do we need to think about when and what to post, but we.

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Launching a Brand? Brand Messaging Is More than a Message

Communications, marketing, Branding

Messaging is a critical part of any brand. Among many other benefits of branding, brand messaging helps set the tone for your brand and ensures that all stakeholders and marketing efforts are.

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