How to Get Started Using TikTok

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TikTok have you spooked? This infectious social media platform brings video, audio, and quick trends to the forefront, making it overwhelming for some businesses to get started (and keep up with!)..

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Why Facebook Advertising is a Must for Your Business

Facebook, Social Media, Paid Advertising

Social media strategy should be a vital part of your overall marketing, but have you added Facebook advertising to your toolbox yet? This is your sign to light up you’re marketing and add these.

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Unpacking Social Media Posting

Social Media

As quickly as social media has become a useful marketing platform for your business, the guidelines for when, how, and what to post have changed faster than it takes to post your next photo. While.

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Costa Rican Vacations: Insights From A Client

Social Media, Strategy, tourism

Clear blue waters, lush green rainforests, and welcoming locals, Costa Rica has it all! As a top travel agency for the region, Costa Rican Vacations (CRV) works hard to help travelers plan a vacation.

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What This Marketing Agency Can Do For You

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As you’ll soon discover, there are many things to take into account when choosing a marketing agency to represent your brand and help you to reach your marketing goals. Not only will the services the.

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Ways to improve your Reputation Management Online

Communications, marketing, reputation, reviews, Social Media, Strategy, public relations, online reputation management

Managing your online reputation is a critical component of public relations and should be included in your overall strategy. Ignoring it could cost your business clients and revenue.

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Video: The ‘Hottest Happening’ on Social!

marketing, Social Media, Video, Results

The “hot happenings” in social media are constantly changing. As a business owner, it’s important you stay on top of social media trends and evaluate how you can harness their power to stay connected.

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5 Types of Social Media Ads You Need to Be Using

Social Media, Paid Advertising

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How to Engage Influencers

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In their most simple form, influencers are those who influence. This can be done through various platforms including social media, TV, radio, print media, speaking engagements and more. Influencers.

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Social Media: Canned Responses

Behavior, Communications, Content, Facebook, How To, Social Media

Social media management can be all-consuming. Finding ways to make your process effective and efficient can feel like a full-time job. Not only do we need to think about when and what to post, but we.

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