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New Year, New Brand

With anticipation and great excitement, we are happy to share that as of today, Hinge Studio Marketing & Communications will become LŪM Studio. Over the previous five years, Hinge Studio has evolved from an idea to a full-service, integrated consultancy with a skilled, talented team and a slate of loyal advocates and clients.

We’ve developed and implemented complicated strategy. We’ve planned, executed and watched our clients’ success stories unfold. We’ve worked tirelessly to propel our business, clients and community forward. While Hinge Studio will always hold a special place in our history, hearts and foundation, it doesn’t feel aligned with where we are heading. Today, we’re more than a hinge that connects one thing to another; today, we ignite, we amplify, we illuminate, and, most importantly, we light the way in a marketing world that can feel overwhelming, confusing and intimidating.

Our transition from Hinge Studio to LŪM Studio was part of our greater strategy to ignite purposeful, bold brands – those we serve and our own. LŪM, from the Latin lumen “light”, reflects our business approach. We believe in and facilitate transparency, hard work, commitment, creativity, positivity and building up those around us. You’ll see these beliefs reflected in many areas of our business and look including our new logo, a gradient of dark to light. Additionally, our services help shed light and awareness on our client’s marketing efforts. Through researched, thoughtful strategy and measurement, we help illuminate a path to success. We purposefully curated our new look to reflect these aspirations.

So, what’s changed? You’ll experience the same great services with expanded offerings and a new look that feels more connected to who we are and what we offer. Our logo, website, branded materials and social media platforms will reflect this new direction. The goal of our rebrand is to build and expand upon what we’ve been providing and ensure our look and messaging reflect who we are as a business, the values we hold close, and the culture we are creating.

As timing would have it, this rebrand was paralleled with a cease and desist letter from an east-coast firm that claimed we were in conflict with their name. Although this was questionable and not identified in our initial research of “Hinge Studio,” it was an easy decision on how to move forward. To lessen confusion and focus our sights on business goals beyond the Wyoming borders and expanding our offerings, we found the timing to be perfect.  We certainly don’t want to be in anyone’s shadow; we want to stand in the light. We want it because of the results we’re getting and quality of service and management we’re offering, not because we share a name with someone else. As we transition into this new brand, we’re celebrating all our accomplishments, embracing the challenges and setting our sights on the road ahead.

Lastly, we’re just simply grateful. Grateful for the opportunities to grow, grateful for our families, friends, team, partners, advocates and clients who have hopped on this ride and enjoyed it with us thus far! Thanks for your continual support! We’re thrilled to have you along for the next phase of our journey and the new opportunities that come with it.