Don't Freak Out - How to Use Public Relations in a Crisis

business, Planning, Strategy, public relations, media relations

A crisis can come in any shape or form. They can be as large and unique as a global pandemic or as small as a misspelled word on a press release. The thing about a crisis is you rarely know what is.

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How to Effectively Decompress After Looking at a Screen All Day

business, COVID-19, self-care, office

If you are anything like us, your eyes and body could use a break from looking at a screen and sitting behind a desk all day, every day. Much has changed in our world over the last few weeks and much.

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A Reflection, Thanks & Celebration

business, Team

As we reflect on the last year and the quickly approaching holidays, we're filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and urge to celebrate. Although these feelings normally accompany this.

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Things to Have in Your Marketing Planning Arsenal

business, marketing, Plan, Planning, marketing plan

We’ve covered a wide range of important topics worth considering when building your them within budget while utilizing the correct methods marketing plan. From the importance of planning and.

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LŪM Studio Partner, Leah Reeb Varela, elected to CAEDA/Forward Board

News, business

At LŪM Studio, we take great pride in our community and strive to be be a part of the change we see happening in Casper.

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A Sincere Thanks in this Holiday Season


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from LŪM (formerly Hinge Studio)! We hope you’re enjoying the season and think it’s the perfect time to share how thankful we are for you. So, from the bottom of.

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An Implementable Crisis Management Plan

business, Communications, marketing, online, reputation, reviews, Social Media, Strategy

An important component of that strategy is Reputation Management is crisis management. Every moment we turn on the news, radio, or open social media, we see someone or some business facing some sort.

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Tools to Get Your Goal Measurement on Track

business, Communications, Goals, Google Analytics, marketing, Measure, Measurement

Now that we’ve made The Case for Goal Setting, called out Goal Distractions that Can Get You, and lead you through How to Set Good Goals, we want to help you measure them. You’ve done the hard work.

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A Business Must: Reputation Management

Behavior, business, Communications, marketing, online, reputation, reviews

Managing your business reputation is tricky and complex. Because most businesses provide some sort of service or product, the statements you make, how you market yourself, what others are saying.

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How to Set Good Goals

business, Communications, Goals, How To, Planning, Strategy

When I say good goals, I really mean: goals that are going to get done what they say they’re going to do. That’s the bottom line of it right? Are they going to make progress and accomplish? The whole.

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