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Three Ways You Can Measure Public Relations Success

Measuring your public relations success? Is that even possible? Of course, it is! We are here to share with you three quick and simple ways you can start tracking success related to your public relations efforts.


  1. Google. Your new best friend! You’ve heard us refer to Google before and that’s because they provide a wealth of resources for your business. Once such resource that Google offer is a FREE tool called “Google Alerts” where you can sign up to be alerted whenever your business or organization is mentioned, allowing you to easily track mentions across many digital platforms. You’re even emailed this alert, so you can skip the digging!


  1. Google, again. This program gives you the power to track referrals from PR showcases such as articles your business or organization has been mentioned in. This system even allows you to drill further down to see if third party sites that also showcased your original article referred people over. As we all know, what happens on Google stays on Google, so your article mentions can perform for longer periods of time than you may expect, allowing leads to churn over months after the information was posted or shared.


  1. Social media. Mentions on social platforms are another quick and easy way to track PR success, like tracking website referrals mentioned above with Google Analytics. Utilizing that program along with combing the analytics within your social media platforms should give you a decent idea of how your PR specific efforts and content are performing. Take time to review and analyze your social efforts. If you want to take it a step further, you can utilize social media software such as Hootsuite to help track and pull metrics.


However, you decide to execute your PR strategy, the time to analyze your efforts will pay off. By determining what is resonating with your audience, you can make an informed decision to change directions if need be or push down the gas pedal in another area. Bottom line, you’ll never know the ROI of your PR efforts is you don’t rack them, so take these few tips and get started today


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