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Visual Content Speaks Volumes During Social Media Consumption

Photos, videos and graphic images are helping social media users consume content faster than they ever have before. No matter how valuable your content is, if you don't have the visuals to catch your audience's attention, many are likely scrolling right by it. Visuals help your users digest and understand information without their brains needing to imagine or create a visual of it. This makes visuals incredibly powerful. And this power is what helps visuals drive engagement with your brand. Today, we’re sharing three tips to help improve your visual content on social media, and really everywhere.



There are many ways to use contrast to create ease for your reader and to help he or she find the most important information. One example of contrast is the use of negative space, also known as white space. Negative space can help visuals and other information stand out. Contrast appeals to the eye and also creates a hierarchy within your visuals. It allows the eye to skim info and pick up the most critical parts of your message. Other ways to create contrast include utilizing thin and bold fonts, various colors, and playing with shapes. Below are a couple of examples of good contrast.


design blog2


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Typography is an art form. Fonts have personalities, so it is essential to use fonts that represent your brand. Typography sets the mood and helps determine the tone of your message. However, be careful; utilizing more than three fonts in your message is confusing and overwhelming. Simplicity is key. Here are some examples of good typography.


design blog4


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Defining your visual hierarchy leads your audience through the importance and sequence of your messaging and visuals and determines how their brain digests the information. Without hierarchy you leave your consumer confused. Without order and balance, your audience will view everything with the same level of importance and miss crucial pieces of information. Below are excellent examples of how to organize your visual content.


design blog5


design blog6



Add more visuals to your social media content and put these tips into action. Track social media analytics to see your content gets more engagement. While we’re confident it will, at the least, users will enjoy and understand your content better.



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