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Your Website: The Easiest Place to Own your Content!

When it comes to owned media, your website is one of the most important and easiest platforms to utilize. First, we’ll briefly cover why it’s crucial you have a website, then, highlight which specific parts of your website allow you to really market your business across multiple platforms, and, finally, include a few tips along the way to make sure you understand how to use this type of owned media to its fullest.


When it comes to owned media, no other type offers the opportunity to house EVERYTHING about your business. From the visual aspects (logo, photos, video) to the technical information (product descriptions, contact/location details, etc.), your website has it all in one, convenient place.  More importantly, it’s ALL under YOUR control. You decide what goes up, where, and when. LŪM Tip: Choose a user-friendly platform like WIX, WordPress, or Weebly; these website builders make creating and managing your website easy (and fun!).


However, just having a website isn’t enough. As we’ve covered in previous posts about SEO, consistently updating the content on your website is the key to high Google Search rankings. Be sure you’re regularly adding new content (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly) so you don’t get passed over. Need another reason to keep your website fresh? A static website is a good way lose current or potential customers; providing new, relevant content is the key to keeping them engaged with your businessLŪM Tip: create a content calendar so you know what content to create and add each week. 


What you’re reading right now (a blog post) is a super easy way to keep your website new and interesting. Not much of a “blogger”? You don’t have to think of this page in the traditional sense. Whether your website has a “News,” “Insights,” or “Blog” (or ANY other title), the point is to provide relevant, interesting content that intrigues current and/or potential customers. These pages also allow you to demonstrate your knowledge; highlighting why you’re the go-to business in your field. LŪM Tip: Make sure and share your “blog” post on your social media platforms and ALWAYS include a visual to go with it. Bonus Tip: Always link back to your website!

Owned media, used in tandem with other tactics, will help you build relationships with your current and potential audience. While there are certainly other types of owned media, your website is the easiest to start with; giving you ultimate control over when, where, and how your brand and messaging are received.