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Maintaining Your Website to Gain Your Audience

Nothing is more frustrating than when your content is available for users to see, but no one can find it. Creating a user friendly website is a great step toward that goal. However, once you create your website, it is even more important to keep it updated. Here, we have compiled our top five tips to ensure that your content can be found easily by keeping your website updated and maintained.

1. Practice good SEO

We have talked to you about this before. So why is it on this list? Because we feel that it’s THAT IMPORTANT. Using keywords that match up with your content in the meta-description will all search engines to find your content and rank it higher in organic searches. If you haven’t been doing this, take some time to go back through past content posts and tag each of them with the most important keywords found in your content.  Once you have started this process, it will be easier each time you add a post. 

2. Post content regularly

Like most of the tips in this guide, content is something we find crucial to building an audience. Posting content on the same day each week will allow users to anticipate your post. Some people enjoy a good schedule, so when they know you are going to be posting, they will seek out your content. In addition to your audience reading your content more, search engines will also start to rank your website higher in search results because the consistent posting will send a signal to search engines letting them know your website is active and used often.

3. Use an SEO audit tool

This one goes hand-in-hand with practicing good SEO. When you have started an SEO foundation, an SEO audit tool will push your SEO game further and make that foundation solid. While there are many different companies that offer SEO audit tools, Woorank, Moz, Raventools, SEMrush, and Screaming Frogare some that provide the most bang for your buck. Some of these companies provide free versions, but you will find that a monthly subscription will give you the best options for creating and maintaining a strong website. These tools help provide keyword research so you know how strong the keywords you have chosen are. They also “crawl” your website to check for errors and broken links.

4. Update photos and videos

It is nice to showcase photo and video on your website to give a good visual of what you are trying to accomplish. A good rule of thumb is to change up those galleries every once in a while to give your site a fresh feeling.  Not only will your site appear updated because there are new photos and videos, but it will also let your audience know that you are still doing what you do best and give some examples of your accomplishments.

5. Build up your backlinks

Using the above steps will help you in this final tip. Once your site is error free, you are posting valuable content regularly, and your SEO foundation is solid, your backlink building will be much easier. So how does a backlink work? Backlinks are links from other sites that link back to your website and content. The more often backlinks are used, the higher your website will climb in search engine results. Using anchor text in your content will increase chances of creating backlinks. Word of caution: be choosy who you decide to link to in your anchor text. Choose credible sources and sites your company would be proud to be associated with. Not all websites are reputable and backlinks from them could ding your ranking or open a whole world of spammy, inappropriateness that you won’t want to deal with. 

Building a strong website maintenance program will ensure that your audience can find and use your content without hindrance and you will start to see results right away.

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