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Why Metrics Are Important to Your Marketing Plan

If something costs more than what it’s giving you back in return, it’s not a sustainable. When a business invests money and time into a marketing plan, it is essential to ensure analytics are being tracked so you know how well your investment is performing. Making a well-informed decision about your business’ growth can be achieved by utilizing effective metrics.

To understand benefits from metrics, it is important to keep them simple. When planning your marketing strategy, understanding how you influence your audience and what they expect from your company is the key to your success. For example, Google Analytics is a great tool that utilizes hundreds of tracking techniques. From the number of users your site sees on a daily basis, to the geographic location of the user to how the user acquired your site in the first place, Google Analytics can help you to identify if the marketing plan you have chosen is producing results. These metrics are coming directly from your audience, they are telling you exactly what you provide for them and how you can improve their experience.

This process of measuring, analyzing, and managing your marketing plan’s performance will allow you to maximize efforts and optimize your return on investment (ROI). The metrics you pull should reflect your marketing strategy’s successes and expectations. When choosing which metrics are most important, it is important to identify which will indicate the priorities of your marketing plan and how you plan to reach your goals.

While it may seem like an extra, unnecessary step in your marketing plan, tracking your analytics actually proves to be one of the most crucial. Knowing where you are in relation to your goals will allow you know if your program is working, if your audience is engaged, and give you peace of mind when it comes to spending your hard-earned dollars on your marketing plan.


Don’t be frivolous in your spending, take this extra step and watch your business grow!