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Setting Marketing Goals for 2024

It’s OK if it’s a new year, same you – but for your business 2024 should be new year, new marketing goals! If you’re anything like us, the last quarter of 2023 was spent reflecting, planning, and goal setting. We’ve spent considerable time focusing on client relationship building, marketing strategies that increase ROI and brand awareness, and finding new ways to best connect with target audiences to positively impact their lives.

After all this (and a bit of research), we’ve developed a list of practical and impactful tactics to help you set your marketing goals for 2024.


Focus on Conversational Marketing

With the world moving faster and the ability to have unlimited resources at the tip of your finger, gone are the days where customers patiently wait for a response from a brand. Instead, these modern-day customers want instant gratification. Enter conversational marketing (real-time interactions and conversations with your audience). This year, make conversational marketing part of your overall strategy. The best way to do this is by implementing live chat boxes on your website, setting automated DMs on social, and being present in your Facebook messenger and Google My Business Profile.


Track Metrics

If you’ve been avoiding tracking your metrics – 2024 is the year to start measuring your marketing. Why? Tracking your metrics is the best way to see if your marketing dollars are working and, as with all marketing activities, the metrics you set up and track should be part of your overall strategy and tied specifically to your goals. You can’t know where to go with your marketing if you don’t keep track of where you’ve been. So, get started with those numbers!

💡Need help tracking metrics? Download our FREE Guide to Marketing Metrics or message us to get started on your custom dashboard.


Experiment with AI

We know, you’re probably tired of hearing about AI. However, have you considered the impact it could have on your day-to-day tasks? AI can help streamline and speed up your routine marketing tasks. Tools like automations can help alleviate cumbersome follow-ups and assignments, and systems like ChatGPT can help spark ideas or create images. This year, dip your toes in the AI pool and experiment with it’s capabilities. The important thing to remember – always use your human touch and creativity.


Be Authentic

2024 is the year of authenticity and originality. It’s becoming increasingly important to customers that they receive human interactions online, especially in marketing. This year, set a goal to humanize your content, social media, emails, and messaging. Remember that humans are digesting your content, so optimize your search, social media, and website for (you guessed it) HUMANS! Showing authenticity in your marketing also builds brand trust (something also becoming increasingly important for businesses).


Ready to take on the new year? Set your marketing goals and develop thoughtful strategies to get them done. If you need a hand, we’re here to help! Contact us at for questions about strategy or how working with an agency can help meet your marketing goals.