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Costa Rican Vacations: Insights From A Client

Clear blue waters, lush green rainforests, and welcoming locals, Costa Rica has it all! As a top travel agency for the region, Costa Rican Vacations (CRV) works hard to help travelers plan a vacation in paradise. Since 1999, CRV has been offering once-in-a-lifetime customized vacations to travelers. With over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, CRV knew it was important to keep in tune with the latest marketing trends across platforms, and that included an emphasis on the power of Instagram.


Famous for its focus on visuals, #thegram is the perfect outlet to showcase the magic of Costa Rica. CRV wanted to expand their reach and engagement on the social media platform, best known for showing off spectacular photos and jaw-dropping videos as travel inspiration to users. CRV turned to LŪM to take their social media platforms to the next level.


Combining strategy, research, and creativity the team at LŪM Studio was able to research, organize, and implement a social media initiative that sent CRV’s reach and engagement to new heights. We’re talking numbers more than double the previous months! That’s a lot of inspired travelers! Not only were posts getting more views and likes, but followers turned into interested clients, connecting with the travel agency to book their next adventure through Instagram’s instant messenger.


A stunning photo of a Costa Rica sunset might make you stop and pause on your Instagram feed, but it takes strong strategy and a social media plan to turn each viewer into a proud member of an engaged audience. LŪM Studio was not only able to help CRV grow their engagement and build upon their audience but take their in-depth knowledge of tourism marketing to ensure CRV’s growth in the ever-changing industry of tourism.


Are you interested in creating a new marketing plan for your tourism-based business? Learn more about how LŪM can help you navigate new trends, tried-and-true strategies, and endless resources to help you make experiences worthwhile for each of your customers.