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Social Media Marketing - 5 Things We Learned in 2023

In the ever-changing world of social media, keeping up with trends and trying out new strategies is crucial to your social media success. Don’t worry, we’ve done the heavy lifting and sorted through the tips and tricks to get you started. As we cruise towards 2024, we’re looking back on 2023 to reflect on what we learned when it comes to social media, so you can improve your social media game in 2024.


5 things we learned in the social media world this year.

1. SEO should also be in your social media strategy.

SEO (search engine optimization) goes beyond Google search results, keywords, and websites. Social media is an essential tool for becoming more searchable online and many users turn to social media to find the products or services they need. To ensure you don’t get left behind in 2024, make sure you are incorporating keywords from your SEO strategy in your social media content.

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2. Genuine content always wins.

This isn’t a huge revelation in our social media department, but it is a trend we see more and more of, so it is worth noting here. We’ve seen candid content skyrocket on social media. Why? Because it really connects with users. Whether it’s a video of an employee giving a demo of a product or a behind-the-scenes photo of the CEO, people love to see what makes your business YOU!


3. Make it for mobile.

One thing we’ve learned is not all graphics are created equal (or should we say, made to be mobile-friendly?). Statista reports that 97 percent of people use social media exclusively via mobile phones. Unfortunately, a mistake we often see is people not sizing their graphics or videos accordingly leaving text cut off, or spaces where the photo should be. Always check directly with the platform for their recommended graphic dimensions and better yet, use free tools to help resize your social graphics to meet all your needs (Hello, Canva!).


4. Always be ready to adapt your social media strategy.

With trends “in” one day and “out” the next, it can feel like you are always lagging behind in the world of social media. We’ve learned the key to success is to have a strategy in place and adapt it when needed. Don’t feel like every trending audio or social media challenge needs to be a part of your strategy but be ready to incorporate a trend that aligns with your business or would connect to your audience.

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5. You need to spend money to make a splash.

With people posting constantly on social media, it’s vital to invest in your social media strategy to stand out. One of the best ways to do this is ensuring you have a team supporting your social media strategy, don’t leave it to one person or one hour a month. From content writing, graphics, and video shoots to advertising, metrics tracking, and engaging with comments, it takes a lot of work to keep your social media ahead of the pack. Lucky for you, we love working as an extension of our clients’ teams. Our social media experts take the guesswork out of what to post and when to set you up for social media success.


In the world of social media marketing, being adaptable and flexible is key. With the landscape always evolving, it's a good idea to reflect on your 2023 social media strategy and find ways to enhance it for 2024. Need a little (or a lot) of support? We’re ready to help your business shine. Contact us at to learn about our social media plans and get started today.