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Does a Marketing Agency's Location Really Matter?

Once you’ve decided if hiring a marketing agency is the right move for you, you may wonder if the location of a marketing agency really matters? Should you hire local? Or should you expand your search to get a wider range of agencies and offerings? The answer is: it depends! The first step in determining which agency is best for you, regardless of location, is to ensure your goals and objectives are clear. Then consider the pros and cons. We’ve summarized a few to consider when determining which whether a local or non-local agency best suite your needs.



Pro: Local reviews. With a local agency, you are likely to have some pretty solid reviews to consider. Chances are you know some folks who have used the locals, and they can give you some reputable feedback on their skills and services. If firsthand knowledge is really important to you, this may be worth considering.

Pro: Local knowledge and connection to your specific proximity. Local agencies may have a better understanding of your specific business or organization simply because they are from the same community. They may even be a customer or client of yours!

Pro: Local meetings. If it is important for you to connect with a team in person routinely, then a local agency may be the best fit. It will obviously be much easier to accomplish this if they are located within close proximity.

Con: They work with your competitor. One thing to really consider: does the agency represent your competitor(s)? In some cases, this may be a non-issue. In others, it may greatly affect your decision. For example, if you are in a smaller community with a limited number of agencies, you may run into this dilemma.

Con: Lack of experience or qualifications. This is another reason why understanding your goals and objectives is so important. If you have a better understanding of your general needs, you’ll have a better understanding of what experience and qualifications it may take to accomplish what you’re seeking. You may find that local agencies simply don’t offer the tools you need to get the job done. Perhaps you’d prefer an agency with experience in your industry, or an agency with specific qualifications.

Sometimes a local agency just isn’t a good fit for one reason or another. Perhaps they don’t have the capacity to take on your project right now, or they just don’t match up with your goals and objectives. It’s ok, you have options!



Pro: Less competition. No conflicts of interest? No problem! A non-local or remote agency can provide a non-biased perspective helping you differentiate yourself and achieve your goals.

Pro: Flexible communication. Just because they aren’t located in your same town of city doesn’t mean they can’t be there, in a multitude of ways. Many agencies can and will travel to work on your specific project. Not to mention, we’re in an age of virtual communities. Zoom and other video conference software has taken over our world. You may find that even local agencies, especially in today’s world, prefer to zoom vs meet in person.

Pro: The sky is the limit on talent. Not being limited by geographical location can open up a new set of doors to talent, experience and qualifications. You’ll likely find an agency that matches specifically what you’re looking for when doing a little research. If you’re already willing to invest money in hiring an agency, get your money’s worth and ensure you’re getting what you pay for.

Pro: Fresh ideas/fresh perspective. Sometimes having a fresh outlook and new ideas is just what a business or organization needs to take their marketing and communication efforts to the next level.

Con: Lack of local knowledge. If you feel strongly that your agency must have some sort of local connection or knowledge, then an agency located outside of your state may not be a good fit. However, it’s better to research and ask than check them off your list immediately. Reach out to them and find out if they have any connections to your community.

Con: Availability on site. Though video and travel are massive benefits to working with a remote agency, if you’re needing someone on site consistently, then the location of the agency may matter. Perhaps you’re trying to find a local agency to serve as an extension of your team and your specific needs require that those individuals are available at a weekly event long term – a local agency may be the best option for you.

The very best marketing agency for your marketing needs may be right next door, but then again, it may not. We encourage do you to do your homework. Do not let geographical location of an agency be a deal-breaker for your marketing needs. Select the very best team based on YOUR goals, regardless of location..


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