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Resolutions for 2018!

What better way to kickoff our blog than with our resolutions for 2018 (hey we’re just a couple weeks behind!). Just like any other business, it’s important for us to take a look at the previous year and evaluate what we did well, what needs improvement, and if we took actions that put us on the road to meeting our long-term vision. These questions help us identify goals and direction for the upcoming year. So, if you’re wondering what you’ll see us focus on in 2018, read on my friend.

Live Our Values.

This is listed #1 because our values are incredibly important to us and the guide to all we do. We want to live them in every client interaction, every recommendation, and every business decision. We want our clients, partners, and employees to know and feel: this is what LŪM is about. We know we’ve set the bar high, but we think you’re worth it!

  • IMPROVE the experience of life for our clients, clients’ clients, team, partners, and community by engaging in projects and initiatives that are fun, honest, relatable, and positive.
  • PUSH ourselves, accept challenges, and produce results that create loyalty and referrals.
  • CULTIVATE and nurture an environment that inspires creativity, courage, boldness, purpose, and engagement all while bettering the experience of life.
  • EDUCATE and promote better marketing and communications tactics and measurement in Wyoming and beyond.
  • VALUE relationships as our greatest asset. Let honesty, transparency, fairness, empathy, and the desire to provide exceptional effort and quality be the core.
  • OFFER flexibility and freedom that promotes the most efficient and effective outcome for our clients and team.
  • SHARE information openly and honestly with our clients, team, and community to better the experience of life, capabilities and knowledge of all involved.
  • DO what you say you will. Simple as that.
  • EXPERIENCE more fun, engagement, and excitement than frustration, boredom, or annoyance. If it’s the other way, it’s time to move on.


Dare to experiment, reach and persevere. Dare to create and bring unique ideas forward in a world where new thoughts can seem so rare. Dare to be more than we even think is possible at this moment.

The definition of dare is, “To have the courage to do something.” And courage requires trust. This year we will trust in the capabilities and commitment of our team, the loyalty and fortitude of our clients, the research and thought behind our ideas, and the dependability and accuracy of our metrics. In 2018, we will dare.

Deliver with Intention.

To us, this means more than doing what we say (although this is always a priority for us). It starts with having a clear definition of what is important to our clients and what you need to happen to succeed. Once there is an understanding of the direction, having a unified intention behind all initiatives and efforts creates effective progress. Lastly, living in a constant state of client-first mentality, evaluation and adaptability ensures we’ll deliver as promised.

Grow our Business AND Grow Ourselves.

As a brand-new business, it’s no surprise that “Grow Our Business” shows up on our resolutions. Mostly, this means continuing to put our business out there by implementing our own marketing and communications plan, staying true to our brand, developing and nurturing new and old relationships, and always thinking how we can help you before we consider how you can help us. Along the same lines, as a small business we need to continue developing professional and technical skills to offer more and better services and tools. This industry changes fast, and we’ll do our best to ensure we keep up.

Seek & Engage.

Naturally, part of growing comes from insight gained through conversations and relationships. We will seek and engage in new relationships and have conversations to determine what services and tools can help our clients most. Equally important, we will constantly seek feedback from existing clients to ensure we live our values, daring and delivering where we’ve promised.

Woo, looks like it’s going to be a busy year. But, we really do believe, if we keep these five priorities top of mind, when we look back a year from now we’ll think 2018 was pretty successful. Have you thought about resolutions for your business? We’d love to hear them!

FYI Alert

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