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Bold Marketing on a Budget – The LUM Academy is now Live!

We’ve been working hard to launch our LUM Academy to offer marketing products and trainings so you can light up your marketing on your budget. Gain the confidence to market your business from your office, with guidance from us every step of the way! With LŪM Studio at your side, you can implement strategic marketing for your businesses with curated advice from our team of experts.

Why Offer marketing products and trainings?

We get it, marketing can be hard. Not to mention overwhelming, misunderstood, and costly. These products and trainings are designed to counteract these things. Our products and trainings can be purchased to help you stay within budget yet still meet your marketing goals.


As a marketing and communications business that’s ingrained in our community and beyond, we’ve noticed gaps and missing pieces that business owners need to succeed in their marketing efforts. In some cases, its knowledge and in others, its tools and resources that will provide support.


That’s why we launched our LUM Academy, so you’ll have the LŪM team (metaphorically) at your side helping you through common (and effective) marketing initiatives that will help you grow your business. We care about our community, economy, and ensuring businesses do well in the places we love. Our goal is to make a positive impact within our community and world. We hope to do this by offering educational and implementable products and trainings that help you thrive while you do what you’re great at.


What will you get with the LUM ACADEMY?

It depends! Each product or training is developed with a different goal in mind based on the specific marketing tactic (i.e., content marketing, branding, etc.). Some products will come with e-books, templates, how-to videos, checklists, or all the above! Either way, you’ll gain the knowledge, tools, and support to implement your marketing right from your office.


Overall, the purpose of LŪM Academy is to offer products and trainings that provide you with implementable strategies and actions to help ignite your marketing. With each product, you’ll learn the importance of marketing and receive tangible tools and resources. Curated by our team of experts these products will help you successfully develop and implement marketing strategies.


We place a big emphasis on implementation, because if it doesn’t get done, what was the training or tool really for anyway, right? We want you to succeed, and these products and trainings are a simple and cost-effective place to start.


Bold marketing on a budget.

Our team is helping you light up your marketing – without breaking the bank. As a local small business, we care about the economic prosperity and quality of life in our community and the communities we serve. We hope by offering marketing products and trainings, you can get expert marketing assistance that fits into your budget and can be done on your own time.


Don’t do your marketing alone!

Whether you’re a past or current client of LŪM or a first-time purchaser of our products and trainings, our team is by your side to help light the path to bigger, better business. Ignite your business with LŪM at your side. View or purchase any of our products and trainings now.

Visit the LUM Academy


We’re so excited to offer these products and trainings and hope you’ll find them integral and valuable to your own marketing. If you have ideas for trainings or tools that you would find helpful, please shoot us a message through our contact form.