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YOBOgear: Insights From A Client

Hi! We are Cal and Kristen of YOBOgear, a new business based in Casper, Wyoming. YOBO = You Oughta Be Outdoors. The wilderness feels like home to us and we spend a lot of time backpacking, fishing, hunting, camping, and well, allllllll the Wyoming things.


At YOBOgear, we make really cool hammocking products for adventure-lovers. We are gearing up for the launch of two revolutionary — yes, revolutionary — hammock stands. (Why use that word if you don’t mean it?) Our products are light enough to take backpacking or mountain biking, but strong enough to hold two or three people. Hammock stands allow outdoor enthusiasts to hang their hammocks anywhere, even if there aren’t trees around (a common problem here on the prairie).


Cool inventions aside, we have also made it a priority to be an Earth-conscious company. All of our time exploring has urged us to do what we can as a business to keep Planet Earth beautiful and hospitable for humans. Not only do we work to implement eco-friendly products, material, and shipping practices, we will also be making Earth a “partner” in our business by donating paychecks to planet-loving organizations.


We are excited to see what the future holds for YOBOgear! We’ve come a long way from Cal’s first idea for a hammock stand and our marketing company has been a key player in the progress we’ve made. About a year ago, we had a great prototype, a logo, and big altruistic dreams, but that was it. Quarantine had commenced and we decided to put our time and energy into getting this thing going. I (Kristen) sat down at the computer one day and realized I had absolutely NO. IDEA. what to do next.


Enter: LŪM Studio. I had hired them for another project in the past and knew I trusted them. The scope of needs for YOBOgear, however, was completely different and much bigger, so I checked out their online portfolio and loved what I saw. They clearly have a wide range of experience working with all kinds of businesses.


After an initial meeting and a proposal, YOBOgear hired LŪM to 

  • Build our website
  • Help us with messaging
  • Create a strategic content calendar
  • Set up search engine marketing
  • Design two sets of assembly instructions


We could not be more pleased with what they’ve accomplished. From Day One, each team member has worked to understand our products and our company mission. It is obvious that they really “get” us based on the messaging, content, and web design they delivered. I mean, if your marketing company doesn’t get you, find a new one!


Reasons we recommend LŪM Studio? Ahem…

They do what they say they will do.

They meet their deadlines. Period. They not only fulfill their contracts, but often go above and beyond expectations. Also, their communication is on point. We are never left wondering what is going on with a particular project. It is easy to contact them through the Basecamp app and we always get a quick response.

They’ve got connections.

Our sphere of support has automatically widened because of the contacts LŪM is able to provide. Not only is their team made up of highly qualified, talented people, they are also able to connect us with other folks in our community who can assist us with our business goals.


They are patient and flexible.

Building a business during a global pandemic has presented many logistical challenges. On top of that, we’ve changed our prototypes multiple times to make the hammock stands as strong and sturdy as possible. LŪM has graciously worked and waited with us through all the production delays. They were cooperative and easy-breezy about what could have been stressful changes to the calendar. They also navigated the quarantine situation expertly. We were able to communicate seamlessly when in-person meetings weren’t possible. We know this will be useful in the future when we’re on the road with our hammock stands too!


They are true artists.

We know we have a great product, but we also know that presentation is nearly everything when it comes to sales. We don’t doubt that our hammock stands are going to be well-received because of the craftsmanship and taste that has gone into each part of this marketing project. From the messaging collaboration to the on-brand design of our assembly instructions to our gloriously beautiful website, we are so happy with LŪM’s expert creativity.


They love what they do!

It is evident in their enthusiasm at each and every meeting - whether over Zoom or in person. These folks are not only good at their jobs, they truly enjoy their work. This company operates very much like a loving family. Each team member has a unique set of skills that is recognized, celebrated, and utilized to the fullest. It is obvious they all love working together and their upbeat, encouraging attitudes are totally contagious -- which made our projects that much more fun.

All in all, this adventurous outdoor gear company is pleased to have found an equally adventurous marketing company. We launch next month and thanks to LŪM, we feel confident in the masterful marketing behind our unique products.