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Wyoming State Fair: Insights from a Client

In September 2019, Courtny Conkle took the reigns of the Wyoming State Fair with the understanding that the forward facing brand and the public perception of the organization needed to be refreshed and rebuilt. Although our organization was over 100 years old, the brand identity was very disjointed. Our team had the challenging task of refreshing the branding of the State Fair while still remaining true to the events, history, and heritage. The Wyoming State Fair began working with LŪM in March 2020. The collaboration of the leadership of the Wyoming State Fair paired with the creativity of the team at LŪM brought our entire brand to life. From the creation of our new logo to our refreshed branding and website, the brand integrity of our organization has never been stronger. The LŪM team always listens and collaborates to bring our ideas and visions to fruition. It’s so rare to find a company that takes the time to understand their clients unique needs and bring their brands to life.


The Wyoming State Fair is a major economic driver for tourism in our state. Both the annual fair and the event rental season bring in tourists to Wyoming, and more specifically, Converse County. The marketing materials we've created play a very important role in the economic rippled effect of the tourism economy as it relates to the state fairgrounds. The LŪM team certainly had their work cut out for them when they took us on as a client. In just over a year they have built us a brand that we take pride in and proud ownership of. We can’t wait to see how LŪM continues to help us grow and define our identity