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Why Website Domain Authority Matters to Your Business

If you miss the days of waiting patiently for your college exam grades to come in, fret no more; we have good news. Now you can concern yourself with your website’s score. Wait, you weren’t aware that your website was being ranked among its “peers”? We’ll catch you up to speed! Knowing what your domain authority or website score is can help you make some changes to your site for the betterment of your business.

A domain authority is a score or metric, created by search engine optimization (SEO), that is used to predict how well a website will rank on a search engine results page such as Google. The score is calculated based on many factors including associated links. Root domains (the number of other sites that link to your site) as well as the total number of links you have, are both considered in the creation of this score. Scores are ranked from 1 – 100. In theory, a high score indicates that your complete website has a higher potential for ranking well in search engine results.


How Do You check your domain authority?

There are several sites that you can use to check your domain authority among other things. Moz has long been recognized as the leader when it comes to domain authority ranking and beyond. But other sites like Ahrefs and Majestic are also recognized as reliable resources. Moz will also allow you to check backlinks as well as analyze and compare your search engine ranking platform score.

Because your domain authority is a comparative tool, it’s hard to directly influence, especially in a short period of time. The best thing to do to increase your score is to focus on your SEO. New websites will always start with a score of one. Small businesses may always have a smaller score while larger companies and corporations with a ton of big, recognizable links, may score quite high. Stacking your website with high quality back links (ideally 40+) and maintaining your website by sharing relevant, regular content that is based on keyword research will help you bump up your score, over time.


why is your domain authority important?

It tells search engines how you’re ranked as an expert in your specific industry and on topics included in your website’s content. Your website is placed in search engine listings based on this score. In a perfect web world, that would mean that the higher the score, the more of an expert you are right? Yes and no. There isn’t a magic number that indicates you’re an expert. It depends on who you’re competing with. In your industry, a score of 20 may be great and for others, a 50 may be low. However, the further you are in the listings, the less traffic you’ll receive to your site from search engines. If you want to see how you compare to your direct competitors, Moz allows you to input up to 10 domain sites in their bulk authority checker. This will give you a general idea of where you land as an “expert” in the world of websites and search engines.

Our recommendation is that you focus more on the product and content than the score. The score is important, but don’t feel like a failure if you’re not scoring a 90 out of 100 as you did back on your college exams. It doesn’t mean failure. But it at least gives you something to aim work towards.


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