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A Reflection, Thanks & Celebration

As we reflect on the last year and the quickly approaching holidays, we're filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and urge to celebrate. Although these feelings normally accompany this season, for us, they are greater and grander this year.

Gratitude for the amazing clients we collaborate with each and every day and who are working hard to solve problems and create improvements; an incredible team with a deep work ethic that, in each of their own ways, makes our business better and so much more than it would be without them; a thriving, engaged community, state and beyond; advocates whose loyalty and passion constantly astound us; and partners that create depth and breadth of knowledge and resource.

Celebration for the sustainability we’ve created, the growth we continue to experience and the opportunities we’ve seized.

The goals we’ve reached and the possibilities in front of us are more than we could have anticipated for year three and you can be sure that’s not lost on us. Many good (and big!) things are coming in 2020 and it’s thanks to so many of you. We are looking forward to sharing more as we head into the New Year.

We will be taking time to enjoy our families and friends this holiday season and stepping away from working and blogging December 24-January 1. We hope you have the opportunity to do the same. Our social media will be active like usual as we share a mix of fun holiday posts and insightful, helpful content (we don’t want to lose all of those brain cells to cookies and goodies while we’re out). Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Warmest Wishes,

Kerstin, Leah & Team