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Team Showcase: Jessi Sawdon

Jessi-1We would like to introduce you to Jessi Sawdon, LŪM Studio’s Marketing Coordinator. However, Marketing Coordinator doesn’t begin to describe the role she plays for us. Mentor, Content Creator, Analytics Queen, Social Butterfly, Client Liaison, Web Master, Comedian, and the list goes on and on. If there is a tight deadline or we have reached an obstacle; we can always count on Jessi to come to the rescue. For that reason, our favorite title for her is THE FINISHER.

Jessi’s background is in Communication. Her expertise includes content creation and management, analytics measurement, web design and maintenance, and social media strategy and implementation. Basically, Jessi does it all.

You’ve likely heard the concept of “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” At LŪM, we refer to it as “3 Degrees of Jessi Sawdon.” Jessi was raised in Casper and is a beloved member in our community. You can’t take Jessi anywhere without her at least knowing, or often being related, to someone. It’s easy to understand why, Jessi is approachable, witty, and makes everyone feel welcome.

Not only is Jessi a boss Marketing Coordinator, but she is also a super-mom and a wife. Jessi loves camping adventures, spending her time with her family, and getting together with friends. Basically, Jessi is always up for a good time with good company.