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New Online Course About Blogging - The Ultimate Blog Writing Boot Camp

The LŪM Academy is here to offer products and training to help you light up your marketing within your budget! Our latest course bundle, The Ultimate Blog Writing Boot Camp, is available now to help you flex your content writing skills and pump up your marketing.


Whether you have just launched a new WordPress blog or looking to improve your current blog writing process, this course bundle covers the basics you need to know, walks you through the blueprints of a good blog, and shows you how to take your blog to the next level as part of an overall marketing strategy. We’ll be with you every step of the way through instruction, videos, templates, and tools to help you become a confident blog writer and owned media specialist.


Why You Should Be Blogging? 

Although there are many reasons why you should be regularly posting content to your website’s blog, we’re giving our top three reasons you should be posting regularly.


3 Reasons to have a blog:

  1. A blog helps grow your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By writing new content, you have the opportunity to include keywords related to your business that will help your customers find you when they are searching online.
  2. Keeping your customers engaged and informed can be accomplished through online blog articles. Writing blogs about upcoming events or highlighting a recent project helps keep your audience connected to your current business operations and ensures they stay active on your website.
  3. A profitable blog saves you time and money in your marketing! No need to start social posts or press releases from scratch, strong blog content can be repurposed to provide quality content for more than just your website. Check out our class, Make Your Blog Post Sweat, or purchase the entire Bootcamp Bundle to get started with content marketing.


 What You’ll Learn in The Ultimate Blog Writing Boot Camp

In this course, you’ll learn how to let your blog do the heavy lifting for you. We’ve packed the course with:

  1. Tips and tricks for writing your blog, including SEO & keyword basics, steps to content planning, and content ideas to get you started.
  2. Blueprints for writing blogs about events and news, products and services, and educating your audience.
  3. Actionable steps to turn your blog post into an owned media strategy, repurposing it into social media posts, press releases and more.   

What are you waiting for? Take your blog from ideas to distribution. Get started now with the Ultimate Blog Writing Boot Camp.

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We’re so excited to offer these products and trainings and hope you’ll find them integral and valuable to your own marketing. If you have ideas for trainings or tools that you would find helpful, please fill out this form.