Defining Key Marketing Metrics

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Understanding and tracking key marketing metrics helps businesses and organizations analyze and improve their tactics to support them in reaching their goals. To track them, you must first understand.

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Top Video Conferencing Tips

Tools and Tactics, Video, COVID-19, Video Conferencing

The COVID-19 crisis has certainly thrown our world upside down. As many are working from home, finding a work-groove at home or with a limited staff in the office, has likely been a challenge. Adding.

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Spend A Little to Reap Huge Rewards

Tools and Tactics, Paid Advertising

As with any service, it’s always nice to get a deal. However, there is a certain truth to “you get what you pay for.” The same goes for advertising. When it comes to advertising your business,.

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How to Identify and Engage Your Social Media Audience

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Your audience should be number one, not only in your overall marketing plan but within your social media strategy as well. Knowing who you’re trying to target will help you create valuable content.

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It All Hinges On Your Audience!

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We kicked off our series, “Tools and Tactics to Grow Your Business,” by ilLŪMiniating what audience analysis is and how it can literally mean the difference between success and failure of a brand..

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