How to Effectively Decompress After Looking at a Screen All Day

business, COVID-19, self-care, office

If you are anything like us, your eyes and body could use a break from looking at a screen and sitting behind a desk all day, every day. Much has changed in our world over the last few weeks and much.

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Seven Things You Can Do Now to Help Your Business Adapt and Thrive Amidst the COVID19 Challenges

Communications, marketing, Strategy, Messaging, Brainstorm, COVID-19

The things we are experiencing right now, in these very moments, are going to forever shape or personal and professional lives. As small business owners, we’ve been forced to adapt, or risk failure,.

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10 Tips to Help You Feel Like a Productive Human

COVID-19, support local

Does all this social distancing put a damper in your day? Here are ten ways to help you feel like a productive human and support local businesses, all from the comfort of your own home:

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Top Video Conferencing Tips

Tools and Tactics, Video, COVID-19, Video Conferencing

The COVID-19 crisis has certainly thrown our world upside down. As many are working from home, finding a work-groove at home or with a limited staff in the office, has likely been a challenge. Adding.

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